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“We have come this far by faith --- leaning on the Lord.”

The Lord has truly blessed Hill Chapel Missionary Baptist Church. There have only been three churches (wood, block and brick). In the late 1800’s, the need for a Baptist Church in the Duford Community was realized. People were walking for many miles in order to worship. A few pioneers, who put God ahead as their leader, set out to work, and the Hill Chapel Baptist Church was organized near Duford for the convenience of the people. Before this time there had been no church close enough to walk for service.  The Church was a small wooden building with a dirt floor and without any windows, but it was covered and was a place to worship. This church was located about 1 mile from where the present Hill Chapel Church now stands. It was located on the property that is now known as the Daniel Hayes Estates.

There were numerous people who supported the building and growth of Hill Chapel Church whose names are not mentioned. Among the leaders instrumental in organizing the church was B.C. Stackhouse. He was one of the first deacons and later became a Licensed Minister. He was assisted by B. F. Montague and others. Julia Washington and James Macon were also great inspirators and supporters of the church.     The early days of church survival were a struggle, but with prayer and sacrifices, the Church has continued to grow. In 1903, Mr. A. D. Jackson gave some land (where the present Church now sits) to the people to be used only for church purposes.

In 1903 the first Church was built on the present location and the deeds were recorded. It was a small block building and during that time Sunday school was held every Sunday and Worship Service was held once a month, which was on the 2nd Sunday of each month.

Later, as the membership grew there was a need for a larger church. Once a brick church  was built, there was a need for more fellowship so service was held twice a month, which were on the 2nd and the 4th Sunday of each month. The brick Church (the present church) has been remodeled twice.

In 1953 the Church purchased five (5) acres of property, formally used for the Old Cedar Creek School, which is located on Duford Road from the Horry County School District. It was known as the Community Center, but is now used as the Hill Chapel Church Fellowship Hall / Education Center. It has being remodeled on the inside and the outside. On September 2, 2001 the Fellowship Hall / Education Center was dedicated by Rev. Shawn Johnson. In November 2008 a van was purchased as part of the Transportation Ministry.

At the present time, Sunday School and Worship Service are held every Sunday and Prayer Meeting and Bible Study on Thursday night. Evening service was started on the 4th Sunday in May 2001. At the present, afternoon programs are scheduled on different Sundays in various months if there are not any prior programs scheduled and when needed.

Children’s Church was started in October 2011. Rev. Anthony Livingston was appointed as the Youth Ministry. They were meeting each Sunday morning at the Fellowship Hall / Education Center until Rev. Livingston was called to minister in another congregation.

A. D. Jackson donated the land for the first cemetery, which is located about one-fifth of a mile from the church. Additional land for the cemetery was donated by Mr. and Mrs. Carlysle Shelly and family in honor of Blanche Bodger. In 1971 a monument was erected on the property bearing the title “The Blanche Bodger Memorial Acre”.

In 1996 Jeannie W. Shelley and her children gave an additional acre of land (which is L shaped) for the cemetery in memory of Emer R. Robinson (Selma Billups’s mother) and John W. Billups. Miss Emer favorite quote was “May the work I do speak for me and I’ll keep on living after I die.” A monument is erected on the property – Hill Chapel Baptist Church – Commemorative Garden ~ In Memory of Sister Emer R. Robinson and Deacon John W. Billups    J.S. 1997

With the church being in existence for over 100 years, the Lord has blessed us with many pastors. Many who have gone on to be with the Lord. Rev. Frank Griffin - deceased, Rev. C. C. Copeland – deceased, Rev. Green Lewis – deceased, Rev. Solomon Chestnut – deceased, Rev. James Bragdon – deceased, Rev. Anthony Graham – deceased, Rev. R. B. Hunter – deceased, Rev. R. B. Jenkins – deceased, Rev. Willie Williamson – deceased, Rev. Tillmon Jones – deceased, Rev. Morgan Lewis – deceased, Rev. Theodore Tolbert – deceased, Rev. J. S. Hall -deceased, Rev. Webster Daniels Hamm – deceased, Rev. M. G. McFadden – deceased, Rev. H. P. Billups – deceased, Rev. Wally Godbolt – deceased, Rev. Frank B. Vereen – deceased, Rev. Harry Henry Singleton, II – deceased, Rev. Theodore Williams – deceased, Rev. Lonnie B. Chestnut, Sr., Rev. John D. Floyd, Rev. Frederick Johnson  pastored from 1987 – June 14, 1992; Rev. Wilbert C. Wilks pastored from September 1992 – February 1998deceased; and our current pastor is Rev. Shawn Johnson who has been serving since March 1999.

The Sunday School Department has been thriving and growing through the years with very few superintendents. Deacon Alex M. Stackhouse, Sr. served for more than 50 years. Deacon Edward Sims served for many years until his health failed. Deacon Earl Floyd served for a brief period. Bro. Edward Earl Soles became the superintendent on September 10, 1978 and served until he reunited with another church. Bro. Phillip Stackhouse became the superintendent until his death.  During Bro. Soles and Bro. Stackhouse eras, Vacation Bible School and a Bible School picnic were held once a year. At the present, Annette Johnson is serving in that capacity.

Over the years, the sanctuary has seen many renovations and remodeling projects. In the 1970’s air conditioners were installed, carpet was installed, pulpit furniture was updated, and a piano and organ were purchased. In the late 1980’s aluminum siding installed around the eaves of the church and on the steeple and the inside of the sanctuary was remodeled.

Other renovations include new lights installed, central heat and air installed, storm door , furniture for the adjoining rooms (ladies side and men side), pews for the church, walkways done, shrubbery planted, water fountain installed, ceiling fans installed, the front windows were refurbished, rails for steps were donated by and in memory of Jerry and Cecil Jarrott Family; chairs for tables donated by and in memory of James Young Family; hymnals donated by J. L. Stackhouse Family and in memory of Ronald Stackhouse; and additionalhymnal and bibles have been purchased. Also the Gospel Choir purchased a p.a. system; furniture for the pastor’s study was purchased, the United States and Christians flags were purchased; communion tables and chairs were purchased; microphones; speaker stands purchased; baptismal pool installed; and a church van has been purchased.

We thank God for having brought us thus far and it is our fervent hope that the present and the future generations will capture the spirit of the organizers and builders to rededicate their lives to Christians service and the glorification of God.

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